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Pictrol can, in cooperation with NTI, TecNec and MiniCom among others, offer a complete assortment of qualified computer switches, splitters and cables etc.

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UNIMUX-USBV-8ORS Server Environment Monitoring System Power Management

USB KVM Switch

The UNIMUX-USBV-n controls up to 32 USB-enabled computers with one USB keyboard, USB mouse and VGA monitor. Users can boot all attached computers in one operation, thanks to NTI's patented USB electronic autoboot technology.
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Server Environment Monitoring System

New! Monitor and Manage Server Room Environmental Conditions over IP. Provides early warnings before critical events turn into disaster.
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Power Management

New! Remote control power socket outlets via serial interface or over IP network. If a server does not respond it can be switched off and started again from anywhere in the world.
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RACKMUX-V15 CAT5 Video Display Broadcaster ST-4x16-UHD

KVM Drawer for 19" rackmount

KVM rackmount Drawer for server racks etc, with monitor, keyboard and mouse. A complete KVM workstation in 1 RU of rack space.
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CAT5 Video Display System

-- Video and audio signal distribution to hundreds of remote display devices up to 110m/360ft away
-- Supports high resolution video - up to 1600x1200@75Hz
-- Low cost
-- For airports, big stores, hotels etc
-- New from Minicom
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Universal Multi-Platform KVM Switch

Up to 8 users can control up to 32 PC, SUN & MAC CPUs. Expandable to access up to 512 computers. Embedded security functions and remote control.
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USB-AA-5m CAT5 Smart KVM extender DVIM-MDR20F


USB Booster/extender
Extends the USB signal 5 m
Connections: A Male - A Female.
Connect up to 5 cables in a series for up to 25 additional meters.
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CAT5 Smart KVM extender

Control your computer up to 110m/360ft away.
Low density CAT5 cabling that is easy to install.
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DVI adapter

DVI-D Male to DFP (Digital Flat Panel) Female adapter.
Use to connect a DFP monitor to a video card with DVI-D output.
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MONTEST-LCD AristoClass Phantom Specter

Portabel monitor tester
for PC, SUN and MAC

The MONTEST-LCD signal generator is an easy to use, portable instrument for testing, repairing and aligning analog computermonitors, LCD displays, and video projectionsystems. Cut repair time and reduce equipment downtime. Do monitor repair at the job site, eliminating the need to disconnect the monitor and transport it to another location for testing. Projectors can be aligned onsite, without the host workstation being present.
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AristoClass, Computer Based Training

It will be more and more important to keep your personel updated with the latest software versions etc.
AristoClass gives you an opportunity to teach either in your LAN or in a computer classroom.
As a techer you can control the students individual monitors. You can control, supervise, recieve, transmit, change, forward, blank etc, i.e. just what a techer needs. And all this to a very reasonable price.
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Distributed KVM Switch


A totally different concept for KVM switches. No big central box with lots of cables in all directions. Instead a PCI card in every computer, or -- if you don't want to open the cabinet -- a small box on the outside. All the computers are connected by one single CAT5 cable going from computer to computer.
You save space, you save cables and you save money.
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