Computer cables & adapters - Video
Also known as: monitor cable, video cable, VGA cable, SVGA cable, VGA extension cable, interface cable, coax cable, DVI, MDR20, DFP & EVC adapter
VGA extension cables, SUPERIOR Quality
Maximum resolution, crisp & clear.
The best monitor cables on the market.
RoHS compliant.
With 3 coaxial and 7 signal wires. Triple shielded. Double ferrite core. Gold plated hoods.
Male-Female or Male-Male (-MM)
Order NoLengthPrice SEKPrice EUR
VEXT-2m1.8 m12913.60
VEXT-2m-MM1.8 m12913.60
VEXT-3m3 m14915.70
VEXT-3m-MM3 m14915.70
VEXT-5m5 m20922.00
VEXT-5m-MM5 m20922.00
VEXT-7m7 m29931.50
VEXT-7m-MM7 m29931.50
VEXT-10m10 m35937.80
VEXT-10m-MM10 m35937.80
VEXT-15m15 m50953.60
VEXT-15m-MM15 m50953.60
VEXT-20m20 m69973.60
VEXT-20m-MM20 m69973.60
VEXT-25m25 m85990.40
VEXT-25m-MM25 m85990.40
VEXT-30m30 m1,019107.30
VEXT-30m-MM30 m1,019107.30
15HD-FF / 15HD-MM
VGA Gender Changer
Female to Female VGA Gender Changer.
Male to Male VGA Gender Changer.
Order NoDescriptionPrice SEKPrice EUR
3 in 1 extension cable for PS/2
With this 3 in 1 cable you have all connections for Mouse, Keyboard and VGA (HQ) without the spaghetti of cables.
Male-Female or Male-Male (-MM)
NB! (-MM) are INTERFACE cables and cannot be used as EXTENSION cables.
Order NoLengthPrice SEKPrice EUR
VKMEXT-30.9 m16917.80
VKMEXT-3-MM0.9 m16917.80
VKMEXT-61.8 m22924.10
VKMEXT-6-MM1.8 m22924.10
VKMEXT-103 m24926.20
VKMEXT-10-MM3 m24926.20
VKMEXT-154.5 m28930.40
VKMEXT-15-MM4.5 m28930.40
VKMEXT-257.5 m41944.10
VKMEXT-25-MM7.5 m41944.10
VKMEXT-3510 m47950.40
VKMEXT-35-MM10 m47950.40
VKMEXT-5015 m65969.40
VKMEXT-50-MM15 m65969.40
VKMEXT-7522 m92997.80
VKMEXT-75-MM22 m92997.80
VKMEXT-10030 m1,229129.40
VKMEXT-100-MM30 m1,229129.40
4 in 1 extension cable PS/2 + Audio
4 in 1 extension cable. Extends VGA (HQ), PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and audio signal.
Order NoLengthPrice SEKPrice EUR
VKMAEXT-2m1.8 m13914.60
VKMAEXT-3m3 m16917.80
VKMAEXT-5m5 m24926.20
DVI adapter
DVI Male to DFP Female MDR20 Adapter, picture above,
or vice versa
Order NoPrice SEKPrice EUR
DVIM-MDR20F 21923.10
DVIF-MDR20M 42945.20
SUN --> VGA adapter
Converts SUN Video Ports to VGA Video Ports
Order NoPrice SEKPrice EUR
13W3M-15HDF 19920.90
DVI-DVI monitor cable
Order NoLengthPrice SEKPrice EUR
DVIM-DVIM-2m1.8 m25927.30
DVI-VGA monitor cable
Order NoLengthPrice SEKPrice EUR
DVIM-15HDM-2m1.8 m15916.70
DVI male to VGA female DVI female to VGA male USB to PS/2
More video cables and adapters
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