Distributed Video
Broadcast A Single Audio/Video Source To Hundreds Of Remote Display Stations.
CAT5 Video Display System
CAT5 Video Display System
-- Video and audio signal distribution to hundreds of remote display devices up to 110m/360ft away
-- Supports high resolution video - up to 1600x1200@75Hz
-- Low cost of ownership
-- Pure hardware solution - real time screen transfer
-- Advanced CAT5 technology - low density cabling that is easy to install
-- Easily expandable system - buy only what you need and add more as you require
-- Study metal casing
-- 3 Year Warranty

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0VS22011Broadcaster Contact Pictrol
0VS22012Line Splitter Contact Pictrol
0VS23004Remote Contact Pictrol
CAT5 AV Splitter
CAT5 AV Splitter
Simultaneously Broadcast Audio And Video To Up To 4 Additional Remote Monitors Over A Single CAT5 Cable

--Broadcasts over 250m/820ft via CAT5 cable from all 4 ports
-- Multimedia broadcasting - Transmits both sound and video

-- Compatible with all major brands of sound cards
-- Pure PnP hardware solution
-- Volume adjustement at the remote unit
-- Cascadable

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0VS22006Central 2 ports Contact Pictrol
0VS22008Central 4 ports Contact Pictrol
0VS21006Remote (up to 110m) Contact Pictrol
0VS21008Remote Long Range (250m) Contact Pictrol