Distributed KVM Switches
Phantom KVM Server Management
Distributed KVM Switch. Control up to 63 computers, via single CAT5, with the smallest switching unit ever.
Phantom Specter
Phantom Specter
Micro Sized Distributed KVM Switch
Control Up To 63 Computers,
Via Single CAT5, With The
Smallest Switching Unit Ever!
A totally different concept for KVM switches. No big central box with lots of cables in all directions. Instead a small box on the outside of each computer. All the computers are connected by one single CAT5 cable going from computer to computer.
You save space, you save cables and you save money.
Single CAT5 daisy-chain up to 110m/360ft
Eliminates KVM cable clutter and harnessing
Pure PnP hardware solution
No external power supply
Rack mountable (zero U)
Advanced OSD management and security

Brochure (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Order NoDescriptionPrice
0SU52015Manager UPM box Contact Pictrol
0SU52016Manager MX II - 2 users Contact Pictrol
0SU51004Remote Specter PS/2 Contact Pictrol
0SU51012Remote Specter II PS/2 Contact Pictrol
0SU51013Remote Specter II SUN Contact Pictrol
0SU51011Remote Specter II USB Contact Pictrol
0SU51014Remote Specter II RS232 Contact Pictrol
0SU510181+3 Specter Starter Kit Contact Pictrol
0SU510171+3 Specter II Starter Kit - 2 users ready Contact Pictrol