Video Switches (one monitor)
Also known as: VGA video switch, SVGA video switch, monitor switch, share switch, SVGA video only switch, VGA only switch, VGA switch, SUN video switch
Up to 16 computers can share one monitor.
SE-15V-2 & SE-15V-2-TTL
Video Switch
VIDMUX™ VGA video switches allow one monitor to be switched to up to 16 PCs. 2 port units have 300 MHz bandwidth; units with 4 or more ports have 150 MHz bandwidth.

- RS232 Control
- Rackmount Enclosure (19")
- External UL Approved Transformer

Models also available for SUN & SGI and BNC.

* Ideal for classrooms & boardrooms.
* Eliminate redundant monitors.
* Interconnect NTI switches & splitters for complex applications.
* All connectors are 15 pin HD.
* A 3-foot multicoax cable included with 2 port units.

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Order NoPortsSize (mm/rack units)Price
SE-15V-2-2C1U2203x157x66Contact Pictrol
SE-15V-2-2U1C2203x157x66Contact Pictrol
SE-15V-2-2C1U-TTL2203x157x66Contact Pictrol
SE-15V-2-2U1C-TTL2203x157x66Contact Pictrol
SE-15V-4-L4203x157x66 / 2RUContact Pictrol
SE-15V-8-L8203x157x66 / 2RUContact Pictrol
SE-15V-16-L16254x191x84 / 2RUContact Pictrol