Video Splitters
Also known as: VGA splitter, monitor splitter, screen splitter, video distribution amplifier, video port expander, VGA video splitters, SVGA video splitter, Sun video splitter, SGI video splitter, 13W3 splitter, Workstation video splitter, BNC splitter
Display the same high-resolution image from one computer on up to 100 monitors. Ideal for presentations.
Video Splitter, 2-16 monitors
VOPEX™ VGA video splitters (video port expanders) enable 2, 4, 8 or 16 VGA or SVGA monitors to be driven by a single PC. The same image is displayed on up to 100 monitors by cascading.

By using our VEXT-xx cables, standard VGA can be extended 150m and SVGA can be extended to 75m, with no degradation.

* Ideal for presentations and Burn-in monitors after repair.
* DDC2B support.
* A three-foot multicoax interface cable is included with each splitter.

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Order NoSize (mm)Description
VOPEX-2V-H124x132x432 ports
VOPEX-4V-H203x157x664 ports
VOPEX-8V-H203x157x668 ports
VOPEX-16V-H254x191x8416 ports