Video Matrix Switches (1-16 monitors)
Also known as: video matrix switch, video router, routing switcher, video switcher, video port router, matrix switch, video matrices, universal video matrix switch
Connect multiple video sources (computers) to multiple destinations (projectors, monitors, etc.). Ideal solution for any application where information from many computers is being presented, such as computer classrooms, trade shows, conference and entertainment facilities, hotels, air-ports, shopping centers, command centers, and control rooms.
Video Matrix Switch
A video matrix switch allows you to connect multiple video sources (computers) to multiple destinations (projectors, monitors, etc.).

VEEMUX™ video matrix switches (also known as video routers) are designed to switch VGA video directly. They eliminate the need for external interfaces and coax cable connections via BNC connectors. Signals from a range of input sources can be distributed to various output devices, in essence creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnection possibilities. Video matrix switches are often used as the core of the signal management system in presentation applications. VEEMUX video matrix switches provide you with affordable, professional and flexible control.

- Infrared Remote Control

An audio/video matrix switch is also available which performs the same functions, plus it provides stereo audio switching.

* Matrix Control Software with Graphical User Interface (GUI control) is included with the product.
* Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), On Screen Display (OSD) and RS232 Control
are built directly into this switch.
* Rackmount is standard on all VEEMUX™ models. Some models are also available in a desktop case (denoted by "-DT" in order number).
* Switch VGA video directly.
* 4 to 32 inputs (computer VGA video).
* 2 to 16 outputs (monitors, projectors).
* Each output provides one video signal.
* Each input can be independently connected to any or all outputs.
* Video bandwidth is 200 MHz or greater.
* Supports 1900x1200 video resolution at a refresh rate of 85 Hz.
* Control switching via 1. RS232 device such as a computer, 2. Push buttons on the front panel, 3. Infrared remote control.

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Order NoInputs x OutputsSize (mm/rack units)
SM-4x2-15V-LCD (-DT)4 x 2254x191x84 / 1RU
SM-8x2-15V-LCD (-DT)8 x 2254x191x84 / 1RU
SM-16x2-15V-LCD16 x 2rackmount only / 1RU
SM-32x2-15V-LCD32 x 2rackmount only / 2RU
SM-4x4-15V-LCD (-DT)4 x 4254x191x84 / 1RU
SM-8x4-15V-LCD (-DT)8 x 4254x191x84 / 1RU
SM-16x4-15V-LCD16 x 4rackmount only / 1RU
SM-32x4-15V-LCD32 x 4rackmount only / 2RU
SM-8x8-15V-LCD8 x 8rackmount only / 1RU
SM-16x8-15V-LCD16 x 8rackmount only / 2RU
SM-32x8-15V-LCD32 x 8rackmount only / 2RU
SM-16x12-15V-LCD16 x 12rackmount only / 2RU
SM-16x16-15V-LCD16 x 16rackmount only / 2RU
SM-32x16-15V-LCD32 x 16rackmount only / 3RU