KVM Splitters
Also known as: reverse KVM switch, keyboard video mouse splitter
Up to 4 keyboards, monitors & mice can be connected to the same computer. Available for PC and SUN.
PS/2 KVM Splitter
VOPEX™ KVM splitters allow up to four keyboards, monitors & mice to control one PS/2 computer. * Access one computer from multiple locations.
* Multiple users can enter data into the same program.
* Interconnect NTI switches and splitters for complex applications.
* Compatible with all PS/2-style PCs, RS6000, SGI and HP9000 computers.

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Order NoSize (mm)Description
VOPEX-2KVIM-A203x157x66keyboard, monitor & 6p miniDIN mouse
VOPEX-4KVIM-A203x157x66keyboard, monitor & 6p miniDIN mouse