Computer cables & adapters - IEEE 1394 FireWire
Also known as: IEEE-1394 FireWire cable, IEEE 1394 FireWire hub, FireWire keyboard cable, FireWire extension cables, FireWire adapter, i.LINK
FireWireApple originally created the digital standard 1394 under the name FireWire. In the year 1995 it was accepted as IEEE 1394 standard. Today there are lots of products with IEEE 1394 link, connecting computers, perepherials, user electronics, video cameras, printers, digital cameras etc.
FireWire Hub
IEEE 1394 HUB, FireWire Repeater Hub
The IEEE 1394 FireWire HUB is a fast and easy way to increase the number of FireWire devices that can be connected to your computer. The IEEE 1394 Repeater has a built-in physical layer chip allowing you to connect one Repeater to another Repeater; up to 236 feet (72m) from the original FireWire host system. The IEEE 1394 FireWire Repeater has six 1394 FireWire cable ports to give even more flexibility to your networked chain of FireWire appliances. Extend the length between devices by joining your IEEE 1394 FireWire cables with the IEEE 1394 FireWire Hub/Repeater formaximum flexibility in your network. Line your devices up on separate branches of the hub, so devices can be removed from the chain without disturbing other devices. The IEEE 1394 FireWire hub is an independent system, therefore, no driver or software is needed and it is compatible with PCs, iMacs®, or G4s®. The IEEE 1394 FireWire hub also provides new services such as real time I/O and live connect/disconnect capability for new high-speed devices like external FireWire drive cases, scanners and cameras. These hubs are now available to take advantage of the 400 Mbps of potential bandwidth that FireWire offers. Available in tangerine, strawberry, grape, blueberry, lime, ivory and black. The IEEE 1394 FireWire Repeater adds 15 feet (4.5 meters) of FireWire® cabling, up to 236 feet.
Performs IEEE 1394 function with high speeds of 100/200/400 Mbps
Enables a PC to connect to other IEEE 1394 FireWire devices by hot-plugging hook-up
Easy connection to your Digital cam corder, D8, Scanner and VCRs Connects up to 63 devices with cascading hubs Supports Plug & Play specifications
Connectors: 5 x IEEE 1394 6Pin + 1 x IEEE 1394 4Pin bus connector
Compatible with Windows® 98/SE 2000, Mac® OS 8.6 and above

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Order NoColorPrice SEKPrice EUR
1394-HUB-5-Rstrawberry red77968.80
1394-HUB-5-Pgrape violet77968.80
1394-HUB-5-Xtangerine orange77968.80
1394-HUB-5-Nlime green77968.80
1394-HUB-5-Lblueberry blue77968.80
1394-HUB-5-Wivory white77968.80
IEEE 1394 FireWire cable
6 pin Male - 6 pin Male
Length 4.5 m
Available in exquisite colors.
Order NoColorPrice SEKPrice EUR
1394-6p6p-4.5m-Rstrawberry red18916.70
1394-6p6p-4.5m-Pgrape violet18916.70
1394-6p6p-4.5m-Nlime green18916.70
IEEE 1394 FireWire adapter
6 pin Female - 4 pin Male
Order NoPrice SEKPrice EUR
1394-6pF4pM 18916.70