About PICTROL mät- & bildteknik

Pictrol is offering computer accessories to the entire Fenno-Scandinavia, i.e. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. We also welcome customers from the Baltic countries.

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PICTROL mät- & bildteknik was founded in 1985, with the aim and direction of physical measuring techniques combined with photography documentation -- A camera properly used is a fantastic measuring tool that also documents and makes reports --

We became distributors for NTI in 1990, and the most frequently sold products were video splitters. Those and monitor testers were quite in line with our primary goal. Today we have a much broader assortment, but we have kept the original name.

Measuring techniques are still a part of our activity, and we participate among other things in an energy research program at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The name PICTROL mät- & bildteknik, i.e. measuring & picture control techniques, indicates our serious activity. Measurements demand accuracy and precision instruments. Picture techniques have the same demands, you will immediately observe a bad link in the chain that produces the picture. We therefore attach great importance to the fact that we only offer products of very high quality, and we are proud to tell you that many customers have praised us for that. The main focus is among KVM server switches and other qualified equipment for server rooms.

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